Panoramic View of the 2nd Hwansung Compound in Uganda

Hwansung Industries Ltd. is the first manufacturer of Styrofoam boxes in Uganda from 1996.
We have entered the logistics material market for fresh products in Uganda by making insulated
boxes with the high quality raw material and cutting-edge machinery from Korea. Our domestic
manufacturing has helped Ugandan economy in both employment effect and import substitution
one. We have advanced to construction material business by introducing production equipments
for sandwich panel which is a combination of Insulation sheet and steel sheet. Soon we have
added ‘Aluminium window & door production’ in our business portfolio by bring high quality
Aluminium profiles from Korea and have positioned ourselves a ‘high quality building material’
specialist as soon as we started furniture manufacturing. ‘Hwansung’ is one of the most preferred
furniture and Aluminum brands by the high-end customers of Uganda from material selection,
seamless production to on-time delivery. With this success in Uganda, we are rapidly increasing
the market share in South Sudan housing construction market.

System Kitchen

A kitchen is a workplace and a rest place for house wives. Hwansung helps them to make their dreams come true who want to have stand-out and modern kitchens. Up today we, Hwansung strive to provide the best quality and on-time delivery from our factory with the material ranging Mahogany timber to hybrid fiber boards. In addition we supply cutting-edge kitchen appliances for convenient and hygienic kitchen ambience.

Kitchen Appliance
1. Built-in Cook top

Hwansung has chosen a cooker of new generation
for your convenience, time-saving and health.

- Built-in & space saving
- Longer lasting ceramic glass top
- No toxic gas emission
- 3 steps of temperature control
- Fastest heating to target temperature
- Energy efficient
2. Dish Drier & Sterilizer

Hwansung has introduced a new kitchen appliance for the African
women who are more concerning the hygiene of their tableware.

- Heated air circulation Drying
- Clear tempered glass
- Drying run-time selection
(15min/30min/45min/60min) by one-touch button
- Reservation function(4Hour/8Hour)
- Adoptable to any kitchen unit
- Excellent sterilization by Ultraviolet ray

Certified sterilization function

92%~99.9% of the 5 tested germ types
were sterilized during 90 min operation.
Thermal Death point
and its time of major food poisoning germs >